is a showcase for quality products available for export from Thailand.

Thailand to World is run by the owners of a boat building business which was established near Bangkok in 2002. We have always wanted to diversify in to supplying the high quality natural and handcrafted products made here in Thailand. We have started by sourcing and trading a variety of products in the Body Care, Herbal Remedy, Supplements and Spa Essentials niche. We intend to expand to other handmade products as demand arises. 

Having traveled extensively throughout Thailand on business we have met with many factory owners and wholesalers who struggle to sell on the International Market because they do not have a good command of the English language or do not understand exactly what level of service foreign buyers demand. Few have the skills to build a website in English and combine it with an Online Shop and most do not understand the complicated process of import/export procedures and international shipping.

That is where we at Thailand to World come in. We give international merchants access to quality Thai products at a very competitive price. We care about you the customer and we care about our suppliers who, in turn, provide us with the best possible factory or wholesale pricing.

Thailand has a long history of artistry and creativity abounds in this wonderful country. The country has only become a machinery type culture during the last 20 or 30 years with the growth of multi-national companies moving in to take advantage of a people who are very skilled with their hands. Yet the love of creating something natural and beautiful lives on in the hearts of the people and is still passed on by elder people to the young ones who want to learn.

If you have ever traveled to Thailand you will have been impressed with the sheer quantity of artistic and beautiful handmade products available for sale in all of the big markets. If you have been to Changmai you will have seen the furniture, Nahkon Ratchasima is famous for pottery vases and figurines; each province has its’ product line and individual styling. Many of the items available can be found nowhere else in the world.

It is our goal to bring this world of beauty and artistry to people all over the globe!