rice-milk-soap-safflowerThe original rice milk soap has been used in Asian cultures for hundreds of years to tone and maintain a healthy skin. The best Rice Milk Soap is from Thailand made with the finest Jasmine Rice Extract ingredient and enriched with vitamin B.

It will maintain skin tone and lighten your skin complexion without any side effects and eliminate pimples or acne, freckles, skin blemishes leaving you with a smooth white face.

If you have been to Thailand you will have noticed that the majority of girls have beautiful smooth skin, free from acne and wrinkles.

Natural handmade rice milk soap from Thailand normally contains 100% natural rice milk extract from young grown jasmine rice that yields high quantities of important vitamins, some beeswax and moisturizing oils. Oils produced with rice milk oil make it a natural anti-oxidant and also offer some degree of sunscreen protection. Rice milk soap helps get rid of that pimple problem, acne blemishes, dark spots and removes dead skin cells without any irritation.

Our rice milk soap with safflower gives your skin a smooth and relaxed feeling with the fragrance of early harvested rice.

Below is a video of how to make and use a rice milk skin toner on your face – give it a try!