Exfoliation tools

Exfoliation tools, shown top right, a shower rub made from plastic mesh. Lower right, a brush with pumice stone inserted in one side and a natural bristle brush on the other side. At lower left is a mud mask package for facial use and top left is a container of body scrub to be used while showering.

The innermost layer of the skin which is known as the dermis is where our skin cells are first formed. These new cells migrate to the surface of the skin over a thirty day period.

During this migration the cells die and are filled with amino acids which combine to form an extremely strong protein called Keratin. This Keratin is very important because it forms an insulating hard layer which protects the new cells forming below it.

Uncared for skin will become dry and rough as our body ages, after an illness or after menopause for women. Exfoliating the skin removes the dead external layer revealing the new skin below. Mechanically scraping off the upper layer helps to open the skin pores, keep the skin clean, and lower the possibility of acne problems.

A first step towards natural skin care can be a brushing exfoliation. This process is used in holistic practice to remove old skin cells, enhance the circulation of blood and lymph fluid and aid any detoxification process via the skin. The gentle, circular brushing can also bring a general feeling of calmness.

Exfoliation is normally performed after cleaning the skin first and should not be overdone – too much will cause the skin to dry and be irritated. Once your exfoliation is finished you should be sure to apply a good quality natural moisturizer.

How to perform a Dry Brush Exfoliation

Use a dry skin brush which has bristles of natural fiber. The brush can have a long handle to make it easier for you to reach harder to access areas of your body.

For very sensitive skin types it is better to start with a softer brush or dry towel as the bristles of a standard skin brush may feel too hard at first.

Stand in the shower with the water turned off and, beginning with your feet, work the brush with a circular motion rotating towards your heart.

Do not apply too much pressure, just what feels right for you, and avoid areas of damaged skin. Where the skin is thin, such as inner thighs and face, only apply very light pressure with the brush.

Thailand natural skin care

A skin brush with natural bristles

Work your way from the feet up your legs and when both legs are done start brushing each arm from the tips of fingers upward and always rotating towards the heart.

Brush your buttocks, back and shoulders working from the center outwards towards the stomach.

Finally brush your stomach and chest area, once again, being careful where there is thin or sensitive skin.

Once the exfoliation is completed have a warm shower, pat yourself dry and apply a natural moisturising cream.

Exfoliation is only a first step towards Natural Skin Care and we need to look at other factors in our lifestyle that could be affecting the look and health of our skin.


Alternative medicine practicioners will tell you that healthy skin is a sign of a healthy digestive system. Skin disorders such as acne, and psoriasis are often associated with constipation, bacterial imbalance, bowel hyperpermeability [leaky gut syndrome], and other digestive conditions.

Here are a few ways to improve digestion and grow healthy skin:

1. Drink more Water.
Water aids digestion and is involved with energy production. The average adult only drinks 50% of the recommended daily water intake of 3.8 – 4.25 liters [128 – 144 fluid oz]. Water is the liquid for life and deficiency or dehydration can cause many problems for our body.

2. Consume more Fiber.
It is a recorded fact that the majority of people do not take enough dietary fiber and the average person consumes only 12gms per day.

The recommended daily fiber intake for men aged 19 – 50 years is 38gm; for men over the age of 50 it is 31gms. For women aged 19 – 50 years 25gms of fiber should be eaten and for women aged over 50 the amount is set at 21gms.

Some ideas for increasing the amount of fiber in your diet:natural skin care

  • Use whole grain foods eg. use brown rice instead of white or mix up a combination of the two.
  • Eat an unpeeled apple every day.
  • Use Cauliflower as a staple vegetable stir-fried with your normal green leaf vegetables.
  • Introduce Beans and Legumes in to your diet.
  • Try ground Flax seed sprinkled on rice, salads, oatmeal, or any other meal. Wheatgerm is another great source of fiber to sprinkle on breakfast cereals, desserts etc.

3. Improve your Circulation with Exercise.
A sedentary lifestyle and general inactivity will affect the skin causing cellulite, puffiness, acne problems and general loss of muscle tone.

Get moving!

  • Start doing simple stretching exercises in the morning.
  • If you are younger you can take up skipping, for older people step-ups on the stairs is not so hard on the ankle joints.
  • Walk for 30 minutes – after eating lunch or dinner is the best time.
  • Go to a therapeutic massage practitioner.
  • Join a gym and start doing regular exercise with others.

4. Slow down on the Sugar.
Too much sugar  can cause glycation and sugar is considered to be a main cause of premature aging. Glycation happens when a glucose or sugar molecule attaches itself to a protein molecule hence damaging it [the protein molecule].

eat less sugar

Eat less of these!

The new molecule with the sugar attached is known as an ‘advanced glycation end product’.

These end products damage skin collagen, cartilage and ligaments causing loss of elasticity.

This is where wrinkles start to form and areas of skin begin sagging.

It is not easy to reduce sugar intake especially after many years of habit. The recommended daily intake of sugar is six teaspoons so take a good look at your intake and, taking a gradual approach, work from there.

Start by reducing the amount of sugar in your daily coffee or several tea drinks by half. Become aware of sugar intake and check the amount of sugar in the daily food you consume – for example, drink a Coke Zero instead of a normal coke and cut down on those doughnuts!

5. Eat Less but Eat Well.
The body generates energy to function from any of three basic food types; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A very important function is the production of healthy skin cells. Consider eating less carbohydrates and consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, meats and good oils.

Get your body functioning efficiently and natural skin care will be easy – a clear, glowing healthy skin is a reflection of internal health so start with the basics. To care for your new, healthy skin take advantage of the competitive pricing and high quality natural skin care products at ThailandtoWorld.com’s  Online Store.
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