We have searched extensively in Asia for a brand of cosmetics that we could consider for distribution to our valued clients. It is in our interest to ensure that ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetics we sell are safe according to documentation available. 

Here in Thailand we located one company we could rely on and who were transparent about ingredients and their manufacturing process. Makeup Technique International has been established in Thailand since 1982 and has a very good reputation with local users. This company runs a popular Makeup School and supplies stage cosmetics for theatrical use by local movie and television stars. The company has also become reknowned within the theatrical world for fantasy and monster makeup, hair work, bald caps, simulated wounds and tattoos.

MTI lotions, serums and makeup are the same quality as the imported ‘big name’ products but sell for a more competitive price; they are not produced in a ‘sweat shop’ environment and all workers involved in production are paid above the minimum salary rates for Thailand.

Try the absolute luxury of our ‘Feel Perfect’ line of facial care products which have as an additive pure Gold Flake to enhance your skin and your beauty. Experience our ‘Sign Up’ products for cleansing, makeup removal and general care plus the innovative foundation stick for the busy traveler. ‘Timeless’ concentrates will rejuvenate and revitalize your precious skin and the foundation will enhance your natural beauty.

Check out this new line of beauty products in our online store; cosmetics are not completely natural by nature of their manufacture, however, MTI produces cosmetics which are as natural as they can be. Become one of our valued customers, enjoy the products and the prices!