Traditional Thai Massage is concentrated on the major meridians, also known as energy lines or Nadis, which run through the human body. It aims to bring the body into harmony, loosen blockages, and generally recharge any deficiencies existing along the energy lines.

In contrast to traditional Chinese medicine, which uses acupuncture to manipulate the pressure points, Traditional Thai Massage stimulates these same points with a healing touch which allows the points to suffer less stress and encourage life energy or Prana to flow freely without restriction.traditional thai massage

As well as enhancing the energy flows, Thai Traditional Massage works intensely on the physical body. Starting at the feet and progressing up to the head the body will have gentle but firm pressure applied with the palms and thumbs, as well as relaxing stretching of the limbs and back.

In this way it works effectively on skin, muscle, the organs and the skeletal structure. Blood and lymph circulation is increased and waste substances are removed from tissues. Thai Traditional Massage is a gift for the body, energy with a relaxed heart and peaceful mind.

Traditional Thai Massage is a way to prevent sickness. It helps to dissolve blocks before they manifest psychologically or physically, and it also improves flexibility. Injured athletes, as well as those suffering from handicaps or stress can benefit from its’ healing power. Thai massage is rooted in spiritual tradition and its purpose is to heal a person physically, emotionally and spiritually. Traditional Thai massage should not be confused with sensual type oil massages.

Thai Massage is relatively new to modern spas, but it was actually developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand as a healing medium 2,500 years ago.traditional thai style massage

The massage takes place with the client fully clothed [loose fitting clothing] on a futon mat on the floor. Some spas will provide suitable clothing to wear, others will ask you to wear something loose and comfortable.

The therapist literally uses his or her whole body, including the feet, to move your body into various positions during Thai massage, so in some ways it feels more intimate than a Swedish massage, where you lay on a massage table and are covered with sheets.

Thai Herbal Hot Packs can also be used and these allow heat and aromatherapy to penetrate the skin and muscles relieving tension dramatically and bringing a feeling of warmth and well being to the whole body. Another variation on the basic form is a traditional Thai ayurvedic oil massage, this is performed with minimal clothing, and uses oil appropriate to your dominant dosha (ayurvedic body type).

Some benefits of Traditional Thai Massage:

For the client

The joy of receiving
Calmness and peace
The simple opening of the mind to accept help
Refreshment of the spirit
Feeling of increased energy
Opening of the meridian pathways and any blocked areas within the body
Relief of pain and muscle tightness
The body and its’ organs are strengthened and rejuvenated
Blood and lymph circulation are improved
A noticeable increase in flexibility
Balancing of the nervous system
A feeling of deep relaxation within body and mind

For the therapist

The joy of giving