Why pay ‘over the top’ prices just because the supplements/remedies you purchase are manufactured in a Western country?

Our herbal supplements and remedies are supplied by a Thai company that has been in the business for 25 years and you will find the pricing extremely attractive compared to exactly the same product advertised elsewhere online and in stores.Herbal supplements

The packaging on our products may not be as flashy as some of the other suppliers but be assured that the ingredients are the same and, in some cases, even better.

We have been established in other business for 9 years in Thailand and 2 years in Hong Kong so we know the Asian market very well. Products we supply are all purchased from reputable Thai companies with well known brand names in Thailand.

Note, keep the following in mind before using herbal products: 

  • The information and products supplied are not to be used as a substitution for physician or other health care professionals advice.
  • You may not use the information or herbal products on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.
  • We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional or medical professional if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.
  • Our purpose at ThailandToWorld.com is to provide natural organic herbal supplements, natural organic herbal skin care products that are chemical free without preservatives, petroleum ingredients, perfumes, dyes, and alcohol free that will enhance a greater health and skin care quality for a happier, healthier life.